Mar 28 2024

  Dear kids,

          The book of VIETNAMESE LEARNING FOR CHILDREN is designed for Vietnamese children and young people living abroad. This is a book for teaching and learning Vietnamese in the form of online, mainly focus on self-study. However, it is also completely used for direct teaching and learning. The book is designed bilingually, including 12 versions for overseas Vietnamese living in countries where speaking English, Lao, Thai, Cambodian, French, Chinese, Russian, German, Czech, Japanese, Korean, and Arabic. 

          The book of VIETNAMESE LEARNING FOR CHILDREN is designed toward communication and action, focusing on practicing Vietnamese in familiar situations for young learners. Those are situations in family, at school, and then in social topics. All topics, vocabularies, and linguistic knowledge are selected carefully, appropriate and interesting for children. As a bilingual book, children are always supported in understanding the semantics of words, phrases and sentences, cultural and civilized elements, habits, customs, the country and the people of Vietnam.

          The book consists of 20 lessons, including 18 lessons and 2 revision lessons. Each lesson consists of 15 parts such as introducing situations, vocabulary, sentence structure, specific explanations of language and cultural similarities and differences between two languages and two cultures. It also includes various activities to help learners memorizing and practicing Vietnamese. At the end of each lesson, there are songs, poems, proverbs, folk songs, quizzes and traditional games for Vietnamese children. Finally, some images are selected to reflect partly on the country and the people of Vietnam.

          As an online curriculum, students can access and self-study anywhere, anytime, on any device such as computers, tablets, and smartphones. Thanks to the high interactivity, students can practice right on the device, listen to the good sound, record their own voice and listen again to what they practiced. Furthermore, they can directly correct mistakes and correct all activities on the device, and be represented by writing and recording their writing to compare with sample articles. The curriculum design allows children to click to listen repeatedly to each word, each sentence, each conversation, and each conversation situation as they wish. In terms of formality, the book is presented in accordance with the psychology and aesthetics of the children. It follows animated style illustrations, from characters to scenes, situations, and the ways to introduce the learning materials. It also fits the method of representing bilingual words throughout the book and notifying the results of language practice with motivational compliments accompanied by sound and images.

          Hopefully the online course of VIETNAMESE LEARNING FOR CHILDREN will give you a new tool, a new opportunity, helping you to improve Vietnamese.

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