Dec 12 2023
Six Notes on UK Student Visa

To apply for a UK student visa, candidates need to ensure they prepare a complete application, submit it approximately three months in advance, and avoid expressing intentions for work or settlement in the UK during the interview.

There are four main types of UK student visas: Student visa, Child student visa, Standard visitor visa, and Study English in the UK.

Among these, the Student Visa (for those over 16 years old) is intended for individuals seeking to pursue undergraduate or postgraduate studies, including master’s and doctoral programs. Students can arrive in the UK one month before a course lasting more than 6 months or one week before a course shorter than 6 months.

The Child Student Visa (for ages 4 to 17) is designed for those attending independent primary or secondary schools. Visa applicants must have an invitation letter from a UK school and a guardian.

The Standard Visitor Visa is suitable for individuals seeking to participate in short-term courses, English language certifications, or summer camps for up to 6 months. For frequent visits to the UK, one can apply for a Long-term Standard Visitor Visa, valid for 2.5-10 years, with a maximum stay of 6 months per visit.

Study English in the UK is for those participating in short-term English language courses lasting 6-12 months. Participants can stay for the duration of the course plus an additional 30 days, provided the total time spent in the UK does not exceed 11 months.

Three Conditions for Applying for a UK Student Visa

To apply for a UK student visa, you must meet at least three criteria outlined below:

  • Receive an unconditional offer to participate in any course in the UK and have a sponsor for the approved study plan.
  • Demonstrate financial conditions to ensure the ability to cover tuition fees and living expenses while studying abroad.
  • Meet the academic proficiency requirements, possessing language skills in listening, speaking, reading, and writing in English.

Visa Application Documents

When applying for a UK student visa, it’s important to pay attention to the study application and interview experience. Documents in the application must be on A4 paper, unbound, unclipped, not laminated, flat, and with clear, legible text. Financial records, academic profiles, and documents, certificates should be translated and notarized. The curriculum vitae should be clear and transparent.

If the embassy sees your genuine desire to experience the UK education system, the visa issuance process will become easier. Therefore, prospective students need to be well-informed about the desired school in the UK, their parents’ financial situation, and future career direction to address embassy inquiries about the purpose of studying abroad.

When asked about career direction, it’s advisable to avoid emphasizing plans for employment and settlement in the UK. Responses should be concise, honest, and sufficiently informative, avoiding overly affirmative or negative answers that may create a negative impression.

Visa Processing Time

The most suitable time to submit a UK student visa application is 3-6 months before the start of the course.

Embassies typically review student visas within 13-34 weeks. During this period, applicants should be attentive to any communication from the embassy, as they may contact you at any time for further review and verification of information.

Visa Fees

  • Student visa: VND 11-16 million.
  • Child student visa: VND 10-14 million.

For these two types of visas, the fees vary depending on whether you apply for the visa outside or within the UK, for visa extension, or upgrade.

  • Standard visitor visa: Approximately VND 3 million.
  • Short-term study visa: Approximately VND 6 million.

In addition, you need to prepare fees for document printing, application processing, financial proof, and healthcare surcharge.

Visa Duration

International students can be granted a visa for a maximum of 5-6 years depending on the study program. For undergraduate and above programs, the maximum study duration in the UK for international students is not more than 5 years.

If you have completed a bachelor’s program lasting at least 4 academic years, the study duration can be extended to 6 years. However, some courses like Medicine and Architecture may have longer study durations. Other programs such as vocational certificates, diplomas typically have a maximum visa duration of two years for international students.

After completing a bachelor’s program, you can apply for a higher-level study visa or a work visa if you find suitable employment.

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