A webpage providing information for the community of individuals from Vietnam who are currently engaged in education and employment in the United Kingdom.
Brief overview of the Vietnamese Community Association
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35 years
Duration of activities
The Vietnam Association in the UK (VAUK) represents the Vietnamese community currently living in the United Kingdom.
Various programs and services.
The Vietnamese Community Association in the UK operates as a charitable and non-political organization, functioning independently and with self-governance. It serves as a representative body for Vietnamese individuals currently residing and working in the United Kingdom. The association’s core principles and objectives revolve around fostering camaraderie, empathy, unity, and mutual comprehension among the Vietnamese community in the UK. Its mission includes providing support, encouragement, and assistance for community members as they integrate into their new lives while respecting the laws of the host country. The association also emphasizes the importance of maintaining cultural identity through communication and connection, all while keeping a strong connection with the homeland.
Volunteer Program
VAUK actively arranges and encourages participation in volunteer initiatives, fostering connections among its members for community contributions. This involves engaging in volunteer work at local events, participating in charitable endeavors, and contributing to community service projects.
Educational initiatives
VAUK delivers educational services to the community through activities like workshops, panel discussions, or training sessions. These initiatives are designed to address diverse educational needs, including skill development, awareness enhancement campaigns, and other relevant topics.
Mobilization and assistance
VAUK advocates for specific causes and offers assistance to individuals or groups encountering challenges aligned with their mission. This support can encompass legal aid, counseling services, or various other forms of assistance.
Orientation and Integration Services
Details about localized orientation programs designed to aid immigrants or individuals new to a particular area in adjusting to their new surroundings. Integration services offer guidance on cultural expectations, legal obligations, and community resources.
Language support
Resources for language acquisition, encompassing language classes, online courses, or language exchange initiatives. Details about language proficiency assessments and certification programs.
Community support programs
Programs that promote community connection and social integration. Support groups or networks for immigrants to share experiences and seek assistance.
Executive Committee of Association
Tang Tuan Tu
Vice President
Vu Kim Thanh
Vice President
Nguyen Minh Duc
Vice President
Pham Trung Kien
Vice President
Nguyen Quoc Thanh
Executive Committee
Le Thi My Le
Executive Committee
Nguyen The Thang
Executive Committee
Vu Huong Lan
Executive Committee
Le Van Loi
Executive Committee
Tran Xuan Thai
Government and Community Services
The UK Government is dedicated to furnishing precise and valuable information concerning government policies, along with community support resources and services. This commitment is aimed at aiding members in comprehending and maximizing their opportunities and rights in the UK.
Volunteer Works
At VAUK, we believe in the power of community and the positive impact that volunteers can have on society. Join us in our mission to create a better world through dedicated volunteer work. Whether you're passionate about social justice, environmental sustainability, education, or community development, there's a place for you to contribute and make a meaningful difference.
Oct 29 2023
Music and Arts Session

Events featuring traditional music, dance, and art performances can be arranged to offer community artists and performers a platform to exhibit their skills.

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