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Hội thảo Tư vấn Việc làm của Viet Pro ngày 20/10 ở London

Hội thảo Tư vấn Việc làm Prospect X của Hội Tri thức Trẻ tại Vương Quốc Anh Viet Pro sẽ được tổ chức từ 13:30 đến 18:00 thứ Bảy 20/10 tại văn phòng của PwC Embankment, London.

Vì Hội thảo được tổ chức ở văn phòng công ty, nhân viên an ninh sẽ chỉ cho phép những người có tên trên danh sách đăng ký từ trước được vào cửa. No registration = No entrance.

Các bạn quan tâm vui lòng đăng ký ở đường link Hạn chót: Thứ Tư, 17/10/2018.

Thông tin chi tiết

Are you gearing up for applications? Are you confused by all the information out there? Do you need industry specialist tips?

?BINGO!? Prospect is here to help you!

(*If you are a professional, it would be awesome if you could attend, share your experience and pay it forward for the next generation of Vietnamese talent in the UK. Please register via the same form, we really appreciate your support!)

As one of the most popular annual events organised by VietPro, Prospect X is the tenth edition of our career orientation event organised exclusively for Vietnamese students in the UK.

It is a fantastic platform to connect YOU with those who are among the most successful Vietnamese Professionals working in the UK, who have certainly “been there done that”. What would be better than learning about all of the precious information from the very best in an approachable and action-packed way?

Our format is:
– The Application Process – a game of experience and sharing
– Industry Hubs
– CV Checking
– Networking

Prospect is for all students:

1) The first year “Freshers”
Is is too early to think about looking for graduate jobs? Definitely not, the top employers have spring week or introductory programmes targeting you, the “First Year” students. Trust us on this! If you are successful in securing a spot in one of these programmes, you have a head start in your future job hunts.

2) The second “penultimate” year
You probably don’t need us to tell you why it’s important. Apply, apply, apply, interview, interview, interview and get that INTERNSHIP! It’s so important to secure one because it’s almost a prerequisite in some of the most well-paid graduate jobs. If no internship, it’s a higher mountain to climb to get a full-time job later on.

3) The final “senior” year:
This is it! The next few months will be the deciding months. It’s stressful, we know, we’ve been there and we’ve made it, so let us help you to ensure you bring your A game on the day and get your dream graduate job!

Due to security reason, this event requires registration in advance. You MUST register to attend the event, no registration = no entrance. This applies to both professionals and students.

Deadline to register is midnight Wednesday, 17th October 2018.
To register, please fill in the form:

See you on the 20th October 2018 from 13:30 – 18:00, the event will be hosted at PwC Embankment, London.